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Situated in the Northern Sporades, between Skiathos & Alonnissos, Skopelos is 13 miles long and at its widest, 5 miles across. Skopelos is known to Greeks as the island of green and blue because of the forests that cover much of the island, coming right down to the waters edge. It is a very popular destination for holidaymakers from mainland Greece who come to see the unspoiled nature of the island and its two main towns, Skopelos town in the south, and Glossa in the north. These are beautiful places in their own right with meandering lanes crowded with overhanging houses with traditional local architectural features such as wooden balconies. There are literally hundreds of small churches and chapels many with the local stone roofs. Skopelos Town also boasts its paralia, or waterfront, which is traffic free and lively in summer evenings with families taking a stroll (or volta in Greek), horse and carriages and activities amongst the cafes, bars and restaurants. Glossa is much quieter but is equally beautiful and although its elevated position means it has no paralia it makes up for it with an unsurpassed view across to Skiathos, Evvia and the Pelion which at sunset provides a spectacular picture.

The beaches which circle the island are also a major attraction to visitors from all countries. There is every kind of beach, from bustling, lively, family beaches to quiet, forgotten coves.